Here are some of my personal Local Picks of Charlotte (NC) restaurants I consider have a good creative and original menu.

I will mention great drinks and experiences in service as well. Not all will fancy, some could be food trucks yet I am a personal chef and like to share a place when its good and authentic. It could be a certain dish from one restaurant or just the whole facility itself.

Be ready for fun comments as I am blunt and witty.

Hope you enjoy them too. “Bon Apetit,=Buen Provecho….have a great meal!”

So if interested…Let me tell you more about what inspired me to write this. I am now a Real Estate agent so I have to take clients out to eat during negotiations….Anyway, I Have lived in South Charlotte since 2003, relocated from Puerto Rico (USA) to develop the Hispanic market in all the south east of the US. I am a corporate america sales and marketing managing executive who found myself lacking good eats when I moved here, but thanks to a cook school who moved here the restaurant choices and menus became more edible, varied and eclectic. Believe me, coming from a small island with great restaurants was tough finding good eats here back in 2003’s and forth. I became a personal chef as a hobby and to entertain friends, and got certified by USPCA.

So sure hope you enjoy my comments of places soon to follow.